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Capital Area Boys Academy

About the program

The ECNL platform allows us to do tryouts early and design the structure in how we feel is best to evaluate and make decisions. This is why the timeline for these tryouts and ID sessions is earlier than other tryouts. 

Before we go into the detail of what they are I did want to be clear on the timeline of offers, decisions and when the commitment will start. 

These tryouts are for the upcoming 2024/25 season.  The 2023/24 teams that are currently selected will stay together through the remainder of this season, including regional playoffs for the teams that qualify. The new teams will start after the summer break in August. 

For our Capital Area Boys Academy, we can choose to make offers at any point moving forward. However, we have made the decision to get through the ID sessions first.  We will make official offers on the night of the tryout. 

However, there will be conversations between coach and player as to where the player could fit as well as feedback on what we have seen. 

Once official offers are sent, players will have through June 2nd to accept the spot. After that date, all offers unaccepted will be pulled and other offers will be made. During that time, our coaches will be available to discuss and help with the decision. 


ID sessions 

Our ID sessions are the start of the evaluation process. The three sessions have been designed to allow the players to showcase themselves in different ways. Therefore, to showcase themselves the best, we encourage players to attend all sessions. Each session will finish with full-sided games to see the players in the full game experience. I have included the topics for the sessions below. 

  • Session 1 - Technical and small-sided 
  • Session 2 - Rondo and Transition 
  • Session 3 - Full size game actions 


The tryout will just be game format. The players will warm up and play in 11v11 games throughout the full time. Players selected will be pulled out of the games or between games and offered spots in person. Again, there will be plenty of opportunities for conversations and questions. 

We have set up this process to be as clean and fair as possible for all involved. As with all tryouts, emotion does come into this and we understand that. However, we hope you will see and feel that all decisions are made with the best intention of the player and where they fit currently. With the number trying out, I do encourage players and parents to reach out for feedback as it may not be possible to give it at the events. 

I do want to reiterate that the more events you attend the better chance we have to evaluate your player fairly. 

Nationals’ mission is to develop youth soccer players that are highly valued for club, high school, collegiate, professional, and national team programs.