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UNION FC MACOMB - Nationals to Pro

By Nationals Soccer, 03/11/24, 12:15PM CDT


UNION FC MACOMB - Nationals to Pro

Hi Nationals Families and Staff!

Get ready to ignite the soccer scene because something massive is hitting Michigan – introducing Union FC Macomb, a pre-pro men’s team, bursting onto the field in Spring 2024 with a bang in the USL League Two!

Imagine this: a powerhouse team brimming with local legends – many of them Nationals alumni, ready to unleash their talent and represent the very essence of Michigan's neighborhoods. It's not just soccer; it's a celebration of our state's unmatched passion for the game!

And guess what? YOU are at the heart of it all! This isn't just another team; it's a dream come true for every player, family, and staff member associated with Nationals. With coaches like Gronthik Chatterjee and Rajko Jovanovic leading the charge, the excitement is through the roof!

But here's the kicker – this team is YOURS to support, to cheer for, and to dream alongside. Picture yourself in the stands, watching these local heroes dominate the field, knowing that one day it could be YOU out there, living the dream!

We're talking 14 epic showdowns (7 home, 7 away), kicking off on May 8th and ending in July. And home games? Brace yourselves for the electrifying atmosphere at Swinehart Stadium in Utica, MI!

Gronthik Chatterjee sums it up perfectly: "This team is for YOU, Nationals! Let's seize it together – whether on the field or in the stands. This is where dreams take flight, where bonds are forged, and where the magic of soccer comes alive!"

So, who's ready to embark on this epic journey? Let's make history, create memories, and spread the love for the beautiful game across Michigan! Together, we'll turn every matchday into a legendary experience!

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