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What is Travel Soccer?

what is "travel soccer"?

Travel soccer is typically a full-year program that offers players with opportunities for highly competitive soccer training and games, which requires a higher level of commitment by the players (and their parents).

Nationals provides:

  • A full-year program focused on optimal player and team development.
  • Competitive soccer at every level in local, regional and national leagues.  (See League Affiliations section of this website.)
  • Licensed coaches with experience at highly competitive levels, such as:
  • Specialized technical soccer skills training and game experiences for optimal player and team development.
  • Player pass carding for maximum game opportunities.
  • Premier facilities for training and home games.
  • College Placement Program
  • Youth developmental training through our Junior Nationals program, focused on soccer fundamentals for ages 3-10.

What time commitment is required with travel soccer?

Time commitments do vary among teams based on the competitive levels and interests of the players and parents.  In general terms:

Fall/Spring Seasons

  • All teams practice at least two days per week.
  • Each team plays an average of 8-10 league games.  This does vary based on the team.
  • Most teams participate in 1-2 tournaments per season (2-4 per year).
  • Teams of ages 10-12 may participate in Junior State Cup and ages 13-19 may participate in State Cup.

Winter Season:

  • All teams practice at least one day per week.  The more advanced teams train more often each week, at least two days per week.
  • All teams participate in Winter Indoor leagues at a level and location as defined by the coach.  

Can my child play travel soccer at the same time as other sports?

Nationals encourages players to participate in other activities, including other sports.  We do ask that all players attend all of their Nationals training and games.  This is important to achieve the best results possible individually as players and as a team. 

What will happen if my child cannot attend some training sessions or games?

We understand that there will be occasions that prevent a player from participating in training and/or games.  We ask that this be communicated immediately to the coach so that alternative plans can be defined.  For example, if a player cannot participate in a game, the coach will need to identify a player from another team  that will be available to assist your team.

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