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News Submissions


Looking to submit news about a player, coach, manager or your team? Send it to us! We want to highlight all of the great accomplishments taking place within our club on our social media pages and websites!  Below is a list of topics that we like to highlight and the process to submit happenings to the club.


  • High school team accomplishments
  • Nationals team wins, tournament results, season results
  • Community involvement like volunteering and fundraising
  • College Commitments/NLI's
  • And more! If you have a topic not listed here, but want to send it in, please do so! We want to grow this list!


Parents should not submit information directly to us. Parents should send their requests to team managers for submission.

Here’s the process:

  1. Email your requested post/story to
  2. Include the following:
    1. Local Area (i.e. Genesee, Macomb, etc.)
    2. Team Name (i.e. Nationals Genesee 08 Girls Black)
    3. Your Name, Email Address and Cell Phone Number
    4. Story/Information for the Post.  Tell us the info that you want included in the post.  For example,
      1. Short explanation about the success, event, etc.  (dates, details, scores, etc.)
      2. Picture(s) from the event